Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In My Life

We've heard a "Paul song" from "Tidings", here, now, is a "John song". Allison Crowe performs "In My Life". On the stage of the Village Hall, Durness, Scottish Highlands, Allison played this Beatles' favourite for John Lennon's sister, Julia, and other relatives, local villagers and musicians and music-lovers from across Europe come together to celebrate the "John Lennon Northern Lights Festival." We all shine on...

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Let It Be

"Let It Be" is our next "Tidings" song - captured live-off-the-floor at Turtle studios in White Rock, Canada. There's another "Let It Be" performance, recorded in the same studio, and on YouTube. The Beatles songbook is rich for interpreters and this gospel-inflected tune by John Lennon and Paul McCartney is one which Allison Crowe loves to perform and have people sing along.

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Next album to enjoy is "Tidings". To spur Spring, with the robins and the crocuses, we'll save "seasonal" songs for when we want the snow... And, so, we begin with "Hallelujah" - Allison Crowe's much-loved version of what's become Leonard Cohen's most-covered song. Allison's single/first-take performance is recorded live-off-the-floor at Larry Anschell's Turtle Recording studios, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sucker Punch ~ Sweet Dreams

When makers of Hollywood movie "Sucker Punch" were looking for ideas on how to reinvent the Eurythmics' classic "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", they called on Allison Crowe. For the 2011 blockbuster from director Zack Snyder, actress Emily Browning performs the song as a production number that opens what promises to be an exciting, visceral, film ride - opening this March 25!

Alex Pardee's graphic art - "Sucker Punch"

Director Snyder, a major fan of Allison, talks to ArtistDirect about "Sucker Punch" on opening week:

"Music is a huge part of the movie for me. It's like another personality of the film. If you get that right, you add this dimension to the movie that you couldn't have imagined before. Right now, I've been trying to find a really good cover of 'Battle Hymn of the Republic.' I can't find one that I really like with all five verses, so that's a problem [Laughs]. I was going to call someone up like Allison Crowe and be like, 'Can you record a version of this?' That's how my brain works!"

You can enjoy Allison's stripped-down take on "Sweet Dreams" on her Music Page, on YouTube, and, right here, right now :)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whether I'm Wrong

Mid-2003, Allison Crowe is based in New York City's Chelsea 'hood. It's Code Orange. People fear. The origin of "Whether I'm Wrong". On "secrets" it's followed by a 'hidden' track - the Irish aire "Believe Me If All (Those Endearing Young Charms)". Little-known fact - the time/space between WIW and BMIA is precisely the same as that which falls between "The End" and "Her Majesty" to close The Beatles' "Abbey Road".

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joan of Arc

Allison Crowe is joined by Salt Spring Island's Jo Lundstrom on accordion. In 2008, MOJO mag put "Joan of Arc" on its "Cohen Covered" tribute CD, noting: "Once famously described by the Vancouver Courier as possessing a style akin to 'Elton John meets Edith Piaf', the Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe is renowned for her ability to blend control and melodrama. Certainly she does so on this spirited cover..."

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Monday, March 21, 2011

What About You

Allison Crowe's "What About You" led her to Eric Reiswig of Banquo Folk Ensemble in Victoria, BC. Piper Reiswig not only plays mandolin, cittern, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy +, he makes them! Learn to make your own pennywhistle, Scottish small pipes and windchimes @ + @ see pics of these instruments - including the Irish Uillean Pipes heard on this evocative song.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sea of a Million Faces

"Sea of a Million Faces" for years was called Allison Crowe's "happy song". That's what friend and bassist Dave Baird thinks! Really, as with the blues, Allison infuses music with a joy that transcends darkness. Here's the "secrets" album version. Allison, again, provides all vocals, piano, guitar and percussion. Suitable for polar bear swims in Italy, crowd scenes in London town, and any where, any mood, any time.

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Friday, March 18, 2011


"Spent a little time in Montreal, with a fire in the sun, smokescreen covering over the entire city". Summer fires rage in the James Bay region of Quebec and Ontario provinces sending up smoke that makes everything appear sepia-tinted as if in a vintage stereoscope. Especially in Vieux-Montréal, (Old Montreal), where Allison Crowe and trio perform at Upstairs Jazz Bar. "S' come on, follow me down the alleyway..."

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Secrets (That Aren't My Own)

Allison Crowe is well-known and loved for such songs as "Crayon and Ink", "Midnight", "Skeletons and Spirits", Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", The Beatles' "In My Life", and plenty more. Her repertoire - embracing rock, folk, jazz, blues, pop, soul, gospel, grunge, traditional + - is singularly diverse. In the living sea that is her musical medium, here's one tune that swims indelibly - "Secrets (That Aren't My Own)".

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"Immersed". This rocking piano song shows Allison Crowe's artistry in transforming the personal into the universal. Experiences with corruption and dishonesty in the corporate record industry in Allison's hands and throat become not a political rant, but, instead, a crucible for love and insight. It could also become a song about cake - but she has a blog for that sort of inspiration :)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Midnight (secrets)

"Midnight", the solo version. Allison Crowe - vocals, percussion, and electric guitar; Del Crowe, (her father), plays acoustic guitar. A third, rollicking, "Midnight" was recorded and a music video made by Alex Postowoi and team. Enjoy it! Canada's counterpart to MTV (MuchMusic) deemed it "country" music! The country was Canada, and now, the world :)

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Philosophy (secrets)

"Philosophy" was born a psychological thriller. It grew into a Pearl Jam-like rave-up. On "secrets", aided by producer/engineer Rainer Willeke, Allison Crowe re-lit the song's slow-burning fuse. A L'Archipel in Paris, film-makers Karim Khenoune et Sébastien Gonthier made a doc. Merci! Jessica Kuijer, Olivier Rohart, Agnès Jourdain, Emily Green, Helen, Cécile, Linda, Ming +

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Raining in Baltimore

"I played my first piano/vocal song in front of anybody in the form of ‘Raining in Baltimore’," notes Allison Crowe. At 15 Allison took the stage in coffee-houses and clubs of Vancouver Island, Canada. She credits Adam Duritz and Counting Crows - especially "August and Everything After" - as primary inspirations. "I do what I do in large part due to this music and the honesty in its words and sounds," she says.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

How Long

"How Long" opens Allison Crowe's full-length debut, "secrets". Once Allison began touring nationally and internationally she was courted by reps for the old-school record industry. This song is a kiss-off to their hollow promises and an embrace of independence and strength and love. "secrets" marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Florida-based web and graphic designer Alix Whitmire!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lisa's Song

"Lisa's Song" completes this EP/CD. In Summer 2002 Lisa Marie Young is abducted during a night out with friends in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Allison Crowe returns home from tour to learn her high-school friend is missing. (More on this tragedy @ Lisa's Page) Allison's trio are invited into Seacoast Sound where Rick Erickson records this performance ripped from the soul.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


"Philosophy" is today's selection on "6 Songs". Fittingly, it closes that EP/CD - just as the song closed many a concert when Allison Crowe rocked out with her band. As the final song of a concert set or encore, Allison would often build to a coda of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy". It was all mighty frenzied. With bassist Dave Baird deep in the groove, drummer Kevin Clevette's drumsticks would splinter amidst the Bacchanalia.

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Up to the Mountain (Patty Griffin) - Allison Crowe + "Faces" by Phil Robbins

Allison Crowe is, again, cooking up musical soul food in her kitchen. That's where she's recorded "Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)" - from the pen of the sublime Patty Griffin. Allison serves as her own Jordanaires - providing backing accompaniment to the lead vocals and guitar :)

Allison's delighted by a recent opportunity to participate in a visual art project in the friendly and vibrant cultural community that is Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada -- home on the Atlantic range to the much-loved and acclaimed singer-songwriter.

"Friday March 4th 2011, I performed 'Faces: Broadway' a projection onto windows of the old Black Thorn Stick Cafe location on Broadway," says Philip N. Robbins, one of the creators, noting "this projection creates an implied conversation, or narrative, between all of the participants in the videos.", the city's culture and news web portal ( explains: "This was part of a project by Phil Robbins and Jillian Parsons (often known for their work with Stockpile or Larger Than a Cat) called Faces: Broadway which was a lead-up to Phil's larger project, Faces: Newfoundland."

Expressing a fascination "with the haunting portraits by Richard Avedon specifically his 'In the American West' portrait series," Robbins is broadening the "Faces" canvas -- and "crowdfunding" -- aiming to sail successfully over the mercantile mosh pit to cover costs. You can learn about this project @ and aid the cause @

Allison Crowe is among the "Faces: Broadway" -- and, here, Phil and Jillian's video imagery projects a spirit as natural as the musical performance.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


"Scared" is our pick for today. "This song is about not being afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, to speak out even in the most adverse of circumstances," says Allison Crowe. (On YouTube is a Scared music video - created by Angela Kendall and Brian Dutkewich of transmission2videos who've later made vids for Tegan and Sara, Death Cab for Cutie, Jets Overhead +)

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I imagine some famous chefs, when not in the kitchen, or on camera, relish the opportunity to serve up notes on a piano or guitar, or dish out an aria or folk-tune.

Musician Allison Crowe, concert and recording phenomenon, when not on the road, also creates by home-cooking -- sharing off-stage recipes and reflections in her "7 Thumbs Up" blog - "A Celebration of Life, Love and Food".

"I grew up with the 'Galloping Gourmet' Graham Kerr hehehe, (he was CRAZY), and learned how to make an omelette from watching Julia Child." Crowe starts listing other favourite kitchen creatives: "Michael Smith (makes delicious food you can do at home with what you have, but also gourmet). Jamie Oliver is amazing - he leads food revolutions. (I wish I could live in his house, with his wife, too, and also their gardener - they have this huge garden and outdoor kitchen. Maybe I can visit!). Ina Garten, decadent, guilt-free (and for other reasons, reminds me of my friend Joanne Christensen a lot). Nigella Lawson (Nigella is why I love figs... she's like the sensualist of the crowd). Fabio Picchi (hehe I met him at Cibreo, when I performed at Teatro del Sale in Florence. He's pretty awesome.) Anthony Bourdain for sure (I haven't had 'Food Network' for a long while). Gordon Ramsay (especially his OLD show where he helps people). Laura Calder (she's why I make Boeuf Bourguignon... she reminds me of my friend Helen a lot, also the sensualist type). Giada de Laurentiis (she makes amazing Italian does Giada. My bassist, Dave, is smitten.) David Rocco's Dolce Vita (he does very cool rustic Italian stuff and there's a Fabio connection!) also, the 'Surreal Gourmet' guy, I have a soft spot for Bob Blumer hehe"

"I pretty much like all of them... I'll stop at that or the list won't end."

Life is a bowl of cherries - macerated. So far, on the "7 Thumbs Up" blog, it appears that Allison Crowe knows you're coming and she's baked some cakes: there's an X Box Cake, a Super Meat Boy cake, Caffeinated Triple-Bypass Brownies, an Eggless Mocha Cake... For those who cannot live on dolce alone -- there's recipes for Pumpkin Gnocchi, Roasted Potato Pizza, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Midnight Mac'n'Cheese, Tomato Quinoa Bread, Baked Salmon with Quinoa and Veggies, Citrusy Hoisin Chicken Lettuce Wraps, plus, 'specially for Beaumont Hamel, Canada Day, Rosemary Bread and Toutons. And, redolent of Bob Dylan's "Shelter from the Storm", just to think that it all began with SUPER EPIC RAINBOW CAKE!!!!

The music here is a dash of Allison at sound-check, bootlegged from a Thanksgiving Day concert. Fittingly, the soundman on this occasion surprised us by wheeling over, and flipping the top on, the unusual housing for his mixing board -- a bbq grill.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Dark Blue

"Dark Blue" is today's song - from the "6 Songs" session. Once more, Allison Crowe (vocals, piano) is joined by Dave Baird (bass) and Kevin Clevette (drums) for this live-off-the-floor take captured by Engineer/Producer Larry Anschell (Pearl Jam's "Alive", Sarah McLachlan's "Gloomy Sunday" and mucho more).

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Crayon and Ink

Song of today, from the "6 Songs" session, is an epic favourite of many - "Crayon and Ink". Recorded live-off-the-floor by Allison Crowe, and bassist Dave Baird and drummer Kevin Clevette. Artwork for this EP (Extended Play) CD, and its subsequent editions is by Allison, with the cover photo by Gord Christmas. Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, March 05, 2011


Here's a song that's had several incarnations - this is the first. "Midnight", also recorded by Allison Crowe and trio (Dave Baird, Kevin Clevette) at Turtle, that afternoon in July 2001. Allison's songs are pretty much all autobiographical. Some, like this one, contain verbatim passages of her life :)

Allison Crowe, Lisa's Song, 6 Songs, EP, Turtle, Larry Anschell, Dave Baird, Kevin Clevette, piano, voice, drums, bass, rock, jazz, folk, indie, passion, Midnight, Pearl Jam

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Fade Away

Background: On Allison Crowe's facebook Artist page, Turkish fan Furkan Sidar started things rolling with a song request, and it proved so much fun, I realized - there's over 100 songs released on Allison's seven albums and not everyone has heard all this music. Thus begins a series of a song every-day-or-so to bring all of this music to ears anew.

"Fade Away" on Allison Crowe's first release, an EP called "6 Songs", was written when Allison was 15. In July 2001 Allison and trio - Dave Baird on bass, Kevin Clevette on drums - traveled to Seattle, USA to join Pearl Jam fans for a "Worldwide Convergence". Stopping en route for a session at Larry Anschell's Turtle Recording Studios in White Rock, BC, they recorded six songs "live-off-the-floor". This is the first.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It’s Snowy Rock and Roll but Allison Crowe Likes It. She’s In Good Company.

Allison Crowe, one of the greatest voices and natural talents in popular music, is home in snowy Corner Brook, Canada this Winter, writing and recording songs before launching a new concert touring year.

So far, in 2011, Crowe has captured basic vocal, piano and guitar tracks for five originals – “Arthur”, “By Any Terms”, “Chasing the Rain”, “Don’t Breathe”, and “Pull You Through” – and, for more fun, she’s covering two ‘Americana’-hued songs by sublime singer-songwriter Patty Griffin – “Mary” and “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)”.

It’s a welcome, extended, stay in one spot, after a hectic 2010 that saw Allison Crowe again navigate concert dates between her Atlantic and Pacific Ocean homes, and expand continental touring territory. Crowe’s latest album, (of seven), “Spiral”, made best of lists from America to Europe and beyond.

Arts and entertainment blog Muruch, naming “Spiral” one of the top releases of last year, says: “Her voice flawlessly flows between the most pristine soprano and gut-wrenching, full-bodied wails… I hear Allison Crowe sing, and I remember the effect music is supposed to have on you."

Crowe’s reputation encompasses her original songwriting, and singularly exciting live performances – and her art of interpretation. On her most recent visit to the City of Lights, Paris Voice Editor Bob Bishop called her "one of the best interpreters to come along since Joe Cocker".

Allan Showalter, author of the uniquely popular Leonard Cohen-centric blog, “One Heck of a Guy”, expands on this theme: "Allison, whose covers include not only outstanding versions of Joni Mitchell’s 'River' and 'A Case of You,' Leonard Cohen’s 'Hallelujah,' 'The Beatles’ 'In My Life' and 'Let It Be,' Lennon’s 'Imagine,' and Cyndi Lauper’s 'Time After Time,' but also the most provocative and seductive (forgive me, Aretha) take I’ve heard on Ronnie Shannon’s 'I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You).' And, I stand by my conviction that Allison Crowe is the best thing to happen to 'Me And Bobby McGee' since Janis Joplin changed Kristofferson’s lyrics."

On YouTube, Allison Crowe’s audience is approaching nearly ten million (non-rigged) views. When makers of Hollywood movie, "Sucker Punch", were searching for how to reinvent the Annie Lennox - Eurythmics song, “Sweet Dreams”, they called on the “mistress of coversongs” as Crowe’s been crowned by “Cover Lay Down” blog. Director Zack Snyder loves Allison's approach so they asked her to strip the song to an emotional core. Actress Emily Browning performs the movie version (out later this month).

In present culture, it can seem anachronistic that popular music was once a fertile community for rebellion and honesty, and the mainstream of pop and rock artists aspired to something more substantial than a bauble in a corporate chain. As rare as her talent is Allison Crowe’s integrity. Like inspirations Janis Ian, Ani DiFranco, and a few others making music today, she does not “play the game”.

Allison Crowe’s path less-travelled brings her to Fredericton, New Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and St. John’s, Newfoundland for concerts this Spring – before her next European tour. Details of all shows and music is available @

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