Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bauerfeind – zdf.kultur features Allison Crowe and remixers

Christian Hufgard (Musikpiraten e.V.) sends word on a program broadcast by German tv channel zdf.kultur. He notes:

“German tv produced a spot about remixing/mashups and the FreeMixter. Allison Crowe as its patron has been featured – and a couple of remixes: (Starting at 08:17)”

Bauerfeind am 14. August 2011
Von angesagten Nerds, digitalen Gutmenschen auf Soforthilfe-Suche, Samples und Kopien mit Recht und der wunderbaren Joy Denalane. Schaun wir mal, dann sehn wir schon!

The Beatles, Danger Mouse, Jay-Z, Allison (a clip of her “Hallelujah” video appears at about 11:43), and sounds of remixers Jeris, Salvatore-J, Incoherent Mumble Train and more.

Wunderbar! Danke Christian, ZDF and to all involved! Enjoy

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