Thursday, April 26, 2018

Romeo and Juliet Corner Brook AM

Up bright and early for our opening performance of Romeo and Juliet for the schools this morning! Another school show tomorrow morning, then tomorrow (Friday) night our first show open to the public and another on Saturday! #theatre #shakespeare #newfoundland

Another show for the schools in the morning - and tomorrow (Friday) night is our first show for the public at the Arts and Culture Centre at 8pm! (Our last is Saturday at 8pm)

The youth theatre - acting and tech - have done such amazing work, you HAVE to see them!! it’s such an honour to share the stage with them.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may involuntary exclaim when you see the fight scenes cause WHOAAAA . Like seriously, whoa. #newfoundland #shakespeare #theatre #cornerbrook

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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

"Welcome to Us" Acts 1 & 2

Welcome to Us” Acts 1 & 2 is now out in our world.

For such acts of creative genius, and just pure joy, take a bow Allison Crowe (composer, vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran), Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Dave Baird (bass, vocals) and Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica, vocals).

The music is now on Bandcamp (Act 1: + Act 2: ), CD Baby
( ), iTunes ( ), Spotify, Amazon and all places you find music online.

We’ll be sharing the band’s sounds, from the rawest of folk roots to the richest of arena rock, over coming weeks.

Right now, here be a look at the creators – Allison, Céline, Sarah, Keelan & Dave – via the album covers from Mind Palace Design.

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