Monday, November 09, 2009

Going Home Tonight

On the road to creating a new album, musician/singer-songwriter Allison Crowe teams up with a longtime friend in orchestrator, arranger and producer Kayla Schmah.

Crowe, at home in, both, Nanaimo, British Columbia and Corner Brook, Newfoundland, (on Canada's Pacific and Atlantic coasts), and L.A.-based film composer Schmah first met, a decade ago, on Salt Spring Island, BC (where, it happens, this video was shot).

The pair are making art together today. "Oh, do not ask, 'What is it?' Let us go and make our visit."

Here be a pre-album version of "Going Home Tonight", a song on Crowe's upcoming CD, "Spiral".

Fab arts and entertainment blog Muruch kindly debuts the mp3/audio ~ visit and listen here

Here's a few pics from the turn of the last century ~ when Allison and her band would visit Kayla and her sisters, Aleta and Camille, staying at the Schmah family home, making music and performing together on show bills. Kayla's parents, Chris and Marilyn, settled on Salt Spring Island, BC, after trekking cross-Canada in a donut truck. They started living in a parachute, out of which Mom, a designer, fashioned zipper windows and more fun. With the arrival of the first-born, it was time to hand-build their "sylvan castle" in the Pacific Northwest forest.

Allison Crowe at the piano in the sylvan castle

Allison Crowe and Kayla Schmah harmonize like it's 1999 (and, it is!)

Kayla Schmah, Allison Crowe and bassist Dave Baird (l-r) ~ having fun (not pictured is drummer Kevin Clevette, as he's sitting on his throne right about where you are...)

I could blather on, as is my wont, but, right now, it's just too exciting. There will be time...

May you enjoy "Going Home Tonight".

(merci beaucoup, Helene, for this graphic, and for all your kindness)