Friday, March 04, 2011

Fade Away

Background: On Allison Crowe's facebook Artist page, Turkish fan Furkan Sidar started things rolling with a song request, and it proved so much fun, I realized - there's over 100 songs released on Allison's seven albums and not everyone has heard all this music. Thus begins a series of a song every-day-or-so to bring all of this music to ears anew.

"Fade Away" on Allison Crowe's first release, an EP called "6 Songs", was written when Allison was 15. In July 2001 Allison and trio - Dave Baird on bass, Kevin Clevette on drums - traveled to Seattle, USA to join Pearl Jam fans for a "Worldwide Convergence". Stopping en route for a session at Larry Anschell's Turtle Recording Studios in White Rock, BC, they recorded six songs "live-off-the-floor". This is the first.

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Blogger Bradley said...

I don't mind this song, it's interesting to know that "Fade Away" was written when Allison was 15. I like how the song starts off softly as well. Music and vocals go pretty good together!

3:50 AM  

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