Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Foggy Shores of Home - Day 10 on the Musical Advent Calendar

Day 10 on the Musical Advent Calendar opens a portal to one of the finest songwriters across the land and seas, Canada’s Gary O’Driscoll. Born in Bay Bulls on Newfoundland’s southern shore, O’Driscoll’s great compositions include Men Who Die for a Living”, “Cliffs of La Scie”, “Out from St. Leonard’s” and “Christmas in the Harbour”.

Allison Crowe loves to perform and share the O’Driscoll canon – in her own concerts and recordings and through curating “Newfoundland Vinyl”, a perennial favourite show at Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival.

We’re all invited aboard Gary O’Driscoll’s tunes – hear Allison and band welcome us to those “Foggy Shores of Home”: 

Each day through Christmas a new song to celebrate this season will open on Allison’s Musical Advent Calendar @ http://allisoncrowe.com/MusicalAdventCalendar2016.html 

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Monday, December 05, 2016

If It Be Noel - Day 9 on the Musical Advent Calendar

It’s possible that everybody knows – certainly “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered” has pegged today for “Allison Crowe’s Delightful Performance of The First Noel”: http://cohencentric.com/2015/12/16/video-allison-crowe

If it be Noel, December 5 is Day 9 on Allison’s Musical Advent Calendar. Each day through Christmas a new link to celebrate this season will open @ http://allisoncrowe.com/MusicalAdventCalendar2016.html

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Calendar Fun

Snow falling coast-to-coast in Canada, it's time to warm up inside Santa's workshop - and see how Allison Crowe's Musical Advent Calendar comes together. Next year, everyone can be doing this!

For example, to create the antique angel icon start with a scan of a vintage postcard from The Graphics Fairy, a great resource for DIYers and Crafters - http://thegraphicsfairy.com

Next, crop the image into a circle shape using Lunapic - http://www194.lunapic.com/editor - add a dash of colour, if you choose. Figure out the date for your selection and add the number. Then, let it be :)

Each day through Christmas a new link will open on Allison's Musical Advent Calendar @ http://allisoncrowe.com/MusicalAdventCalendar2016.html

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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Let It Be - Day 8 on the Musical Advent Calendar

Day 8 has arms to you hold you – as Allison Crowe’s Musical Advent Calendar opens on a favourite song by The Beatles: “Let It Be”. From Allison’s legendary “Tidings” session:

Each day through Christmas a new link will open on our Musical Advent Calendar @ http://allisoncrowe.com/MusicalAdventCalendar2016.html 

Allison Crowe and special guests bring "Tidings" to the ACC Corner Brook, NL Canada in Concert - Saturday, December 10 at 8pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/578139959061288

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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Disease - Tidings Concert Live - Day 7 on the Musical Advent Calendar

"Power-house intense" is how one European reviewer describes this song: “The energy of 'Disease' can easily provide electricity to a small country for a decade." This tune and Allison Crowe's wildly exciting performances lead to her being likened to innovative Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky and famed German Liedermacher Konstantin Wecker. “Gänsehaut-Musik” (goose-bump music) Peter Baier calls it in Süddeutsche Zeitung
Allison Crowe’s longtime friend and bassist, Dave Baird has observed Allison’s “not an everything’s-gonna-be-alright kind of girl”. (This statement uttered in bemused response to the miscalculation of an established music label exec that she’d tailor herself and her lyrics to the industry’s proscribed role for women artists.) 
No song-by-committee charades here. Of love, Allison Crowe writes with passion and honesty – be it flowing through open-hearted “Oceans” or the evocation of life’s fragile bonds in “Arthur”. Ditto for all the emotions and conditions of our common humanity. 
It’s only natural, then, that the social commentary of “Disease”, when expressed by Allison, fits her “Tidings” concert repertoire, along with sacred hymns, cheering carols and renewed popular, folk+ songs. 
Five years ago this weekend, Allison Crowe had recently filmed a cameo for a new Superman blockbuster, “Man of Steel”. She’d flown from her Atlantic home in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, to her Pacificcoast birthplace, Nanaimo, British Columbia. (Such travel accomplished via traditional airline service – not by latching onto Henry Cavill or tugging on Superman's cape.) 
Separately, a documentary film was in the works, as well – intended to share the “Tidings” concert experience with the world. Some wonderful footage was captured, and some awesome audio. However, a twist of fate, determined that the visuals were of concerts filmed in Newfoundland and the music audio was of shows recorded in British Columbia. Here we can add another observation – Allison does not perform anything the same way twice. 
In short, this is why the video accompanying this music is a still image – a screen cap from the doc that a resourceful film-maker, NL’s Peter Buckle, managed to create despite the lack of music audio. He very skilfully shifted focus from a concert performance film to that of a thoughtful, talking-heads-moreso, look at the meaning of this season – joy, grief, and all else. Hear, now, this song’s music captured by audio engineer, BC’s Brad Graham. 

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Friday, December 02, 2016

Arthur - Day 6 on the Musical Advent Calendar

Arthur” opens on Day 6 of our Musical Advent Calendar. This poignant song of love and age is among the originals in Allison Crowe’s “Tidings” concert repertoire. There’s now several versions –solo and band – recorded by Allison and for this occasion, we reach for this debut of this beauty:
Arthur from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.

Each day through Christmas a new music video will open on Allison Crowe’s Musical Advent Calendar @ http://allisoncrowe.com/MusicalAdventCalendar2016.html 

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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Blue Christmas - Day 5 on Musical Advent Calendar - "All the Colours of a Song"

Day 5 of our Musical Advent Calendar opens with “Blue Christmas” – from Allison Crowe’s remarkable all a cappella collection, “Souling” (2015). Composed by Jay W. Johnson & Billy Hayes, the song’s first recorded in 1948 by Texan Doye O’Dell - “All America’s Cowboy”. Several popular renditions followed – and, in 1957, another singer/actor, this time from Tupelo, Mississippi, stamped it indelibly as an holiday classic.
Blue Christmas from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.

Allison Crowe’s fresh arrangement and performance of an Elvis Presley signature tune launches December’s 25 song videos - blending her own originals alongside music from The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Gary O’Driscoll, Aretha Franklin, Eartha Kitt, Stevie Wonder, Patty Griffin, Phil Ochs and Nat King Cole. (November’s calendar revealed Crowe’s takes on gems heard decades earlier by Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Ryan’s Fancy, Harry Hibbs, Bell Island’s Ray Mclean +.)
Allison Crowe’s repertoire, including her classic “Tidings” and a cappella “Souling”, unites traditional tunes, carols and hymns, with sounds of rock, jazz, folk, Celtic and soul to celebrate “music for the season and all time”. "You really have to see Allison Crowe live. The way she splits those notes, it's like light through a prism - all the colours of a song," reflects longtime radio/tv host Rick Dennis. From a vantage point atop a snow-peaked mountain in Canada, print journalist Stephen Smysnuik observes: "Crowe's voice (is) as much a manifestation of Christmas spirit today as Bing Crosby's was in 1942. It's as warm as an open fire; as gorgeous as snow-frosted evergreens; as tender as that hug you give your mother on Christmas day."

Each day through Christmas a new music video link will open @ http://allisoncrowe.com/MusicalAdventCalendar2016.html 

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