Monday, July 27, 2015

Glow of the Kerosene Light - higher fidelity shines

Allison Crowe, Billie Woods and Celine Greb perform Wince Coles' “By the Glow of the Kerosene Light” in their second-ever concert together. This higher-fidelity audio comes from Pender Island, Canada – and the Allison Crowe Band’s concert on Canada Day this year.

More concerts, and ever brighter musical fidelity from the group - which also features Dave Baird and Sarah White - is on its way.

And, to hear this great tune and more Newfoundland song treasures catch “Newfoundland Vinyl” at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival – on-stage through August 28, 2015. Take a spin through Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s website for word on this show, and all the terrific productions, at GMTF

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Words - Allison Crowe Band - 30.06.2015 bootleg #5

Words”, (the song’s end), wraps the video bootleg series documenting the birth of a band. Altogether, here’s Allison Crowe with l-r: Celine Greb (cello); Billie Woods (guitar); and Dave Baird (bass).

The group’s sensational debut means more concert bookings for Canada’s Pacific coast (Sidney/Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver are on the calendar for October/November 2015). At the same time, they’ll visit the newly re-opened Turtle Recording Studios of Larry Anschell and team to capture some of their musical magic in high-fidelity.

And, before long, Allison and the band bring it all to the world :)

Thanks, again, to Leslie Colly of Salt Spring Island, BC, for the historic boots!

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Glow of the Kerosene Light - Allison Crowe Band - 30.06.2015 bootleg #4

Gorgeous harmonies are a feature of performances by Allison Crowe and bandmates Celine Greb (cellist) and Billie Woods (guitarist) - here “By the Glow of the Kerosene Light”.

This poignant song from the prodigious pen of Wince Coles was popularized by Newfoundland trio Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. It’s performed this Summer by cast-members of “Newfoundland Vinyl” at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival (the hit TNL show runs to August 28, 2015). Coles and his songwriting brother, Ellis, hail from Carmanville in Hamilton Sound, NL. The invaluable website, “GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador” details the bros’ full repertoire @
The tuneful glow of the Allison Crowe Band is reflected in this bootleg concert video by Leslie Colly of Salt Spring Island, Canada.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Arthur - Allison Crowe Band - 30.06.2015 bootleg #3

"Arthur", third song in the bootleg video collection of Leslie Colly, brings together Arthurian notions with ruminations on aging and the bonds of love.

Allison Crowe (vocals, piano) is joined by bandmates Billie Woods (guitar), Celine Greb (cello) and Dave Baird (bass) – live from All Saints by-the-Sea, in the musical hot-house of Salt Spring Island, BC.

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Between Two Trees - Allison Crowe Band - 30.06.2015 bootleg #2

Bootleg video of the Allison Crowe Band captured recently on Salt Spring Island, Canada by Leslie Colley - “Between Two Trees” flows three-part harmonies of Allison Crowe accompanied by Celine Greb (cellist) and Billie Woods (guitarist). The band’s Dave Baird lays down the bass for this song penned by Charlie McKinnon of New Brunswick, Canada.

The tune was a hit for one of Newfoundland’s favourite music-makers, Harry Hibbs, in the 1970s. As Musical Director of “Newfoundland Vinyl”, a perennial favourite at Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival, Allison Crowe curates and arranges songs for TNL's wonderfully talented and spirited cast and crew.
The melodies are so rich and universal they’re loved across Canada and internationally – where e’er Allison and, now, her band tour. “She has renewed with stylish vigor traditional songs that deserve new life and interpretations,” says East Coast Kitchen Party.


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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crayon and Ink - Allison Crowe Band - 30.06.2015 bootleg

"Crayon and Ink” – the first-ever public performance by Allison Crowe's new band! Thanks to Leslie Colly of Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada - enjoy this concert bootleg from the sold-out show at All Saints by-the Sea, SSI.
It’s a season of record-breaking heat on Canada’s Pacific coast - with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius on some dates. In this crucible Allison Crowe’s formed a band.
Allison (vocals, piano, guitar, bodhran) is joined by: guitarist-vocalist Billie Woods (born in Humboldt, Saskatchewan and home most of her life on Salt Spring); cellist-vocalist Celine Greb (originally from Pforzheim, in Germany’s Black Forest, and settling now in Canada); & upright/acoustic + electric bassist Dave Baird (dual-Canadian/UK citizen – w. grandparents from Scotland and parents from England and Malaysia).
Four Summers in a row, Allison’s been Musical Director of “Newfoundland Vinyl” - an hit show produced by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival (and conceived by TNL’s Artistic Director, Jeff Pitcher).
Making the most of a three-week hiatus in her Atlantic shores schedule this year, Allison, home in lovely Corner Brook, NL for a decade, flew to her beautiful birth-province of British Columbia for June/July 2015 sessions with the transnational/international combo.

The group debuted with a trio of radiant concerts on Salt Spring Island (with set decoration and catering by Lou Ellis of Coco Loco and her bonita brujas!), Pender Island, and Ladysmith, Vancouver Island.
Future dates include Deer Lake, NL-born Sarah White, a fellow Corner Brooker & TNLer, in the musical complement - harmonizing, and playing one of her many instruments: guitar, mandolin, guitar-banjo, tenor ukulele and bouzouki.

Concert news - and plenty more excitement - on its way.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Muruch's RAINN benefit album launch!

While Allison Crowe’s been on the road this past month, debuting an amazing band (about and from which much, much more is coming), there’s been a truly marvellous creation released by the blog Muruch – among the web’s longest-running supporters of independent music and music, overall, and, of Allison’s music, particularly.
We’ll have more word soon on this project and Allison’s musical contribution thereto – right now, here’s the big announcement from Muruch itself:’s RAINN benefit album & fundraising campaign officially launches this month! Donate $10 (or more) at’s fundraising page to receive your free digital album of for RAINN. This magnificent 25-mp3 album features:
Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano, Sandman author Neil Gaiman, Midlake, Flogging Molly, Poe, My Brightest Diamond, The Mynabirds, The Voice‘s Kat Robichaud, The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer, Man of Steel‘s Allison Crowe, Nashville songwriter Trent Dabbs, Meursault, Elysian Fields, Pamela Means, Fisher, Catie Curtis, Anielle Reid, Heidi Saperstein, Hannah Fury and poets Crystal Good, Kevin Kantor, V. C. McCabe and Clementine von Radics.
The album also includes a beautifully illustrated 40-page PDF liner notes booklet featuring the striking visual art of Sandman illustrator Dave McKean, Kate Zambrano, Mandy Tsung, Amber Ortalano, Mark Demsteader and Anna Dittman.
Great music and art for the greatest cause! You can read more about the songs and poems in the Press Release and’s RAINN fundraising page.”

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