Sunday, September 04, 2016

"Introducing" Allison Crowe and Band

"Introducing”, the concert half of the debut album from Allison Crowe and Band is available for the first time digitally – on the music site of Rubenesque Records @ UK writer Mike Ferguson, (posting in “Some Diurnal Aural Awe”), anticipates audiences will be “royally entertained” by a show “full of the joy and fun that comes across on this cd's live offering”.

Together with the studio set, (“Heirs+Grievances”) that forms the physical CD collection, the music, (27 song tracks representing 20 unique song titles), delivers a thrilling hybrid of Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, roots, folk, soul and original rock that bridges vital originals with fresh interpretations of classics by Annie Lennox and Gary O'Driscoll.

"Heirs + Grievances is a gorgeous, full circle showcase of Allison’s growth as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her extraordinary voice is unrestrained and beautifully accompanied by her bandmates." ~ Muruch

“I don’t believe Crowe ever sings a song without an absolute personal commitment... This is an album that should and could develop a greater audience for Crowe beyond those who already adore her.” ~ Some Diurnal Aural Awe

“In the past, Crowe has devoted herself to trad folk, contemporary rock, Christmas songs and music of Leonard Cohen, all of which have merged into these two discs to create a portrait of an idealist — with the addition of her between-songs talk on the live recording revealing a bubbly personality.” ~ Tom Harrison, The Province 

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