Friday, August 19, 2016

CHMR's A-show Marks Week 3 of "Allison Crowe August"

Allison Crowe August” Week 3 is the main event on today’s card as CHMR 93.5FM Radio ( double-teaming DJs FanBoy Mark Jabroni and Reverend Jason Cantwell keep up their musical A-show. You can even phone in, or email a request, to ‘The Friday Morning Markout’, ‘Ring-Rust’, and ‘Uberswank’. All the music of Allison Crowe is the big draw. Her band’s debut, “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances” can be won. Listen in online for the latest sounds of this month-long slow burn. Search "CHMR's RING RUST" on the Stitcher app, or listen live via

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