Thursday, July 21, 2016

Neddy Norris Night

This is it, the night of nights. No more rehearsing and nursing a part…
This is the opening of “Neddy Norris Night” at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. The show, directed by Stephanie Payne, takes to the stage in wide-open heart of an UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site – Gros Morne National Park, in Newfoundland, Canada.
This production of Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador (TNL) is the second musical stage-show of the Summer to include Allison Crowe in its cast/band – fiddle and all. “Newfoundland Vinyl: The Greatest Hits” opened last month – and runs until September 2, 2016.
In “Neddy”, Allison joins director Stephanie Payne, and fellow musicians Dave Baird, Colin Furlong, and Matthew Wheadon.

TNL explains:
“You don’t have to travel far in Newfoundland and Labrador to hear our traditional music – it’s a cultural touchstone, both a shared experience and a national badge of honour. With its narrative power, distinctive sound and strong links to Western Europe, traditional music represents the province’s history and culture, and forms a vital link between the past and present. For many it’s also a proud and powerful manifestation of the ‘unique Newfoundland and Labrador character’.”
The show’s mounted by a production team of Stephanie Payne, Stefanie Power, Lindsay Code, Jeff Pybus and Dan Fletcher – and runs through to September 1, 2016.
More info on showdates, times, and tickets @

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