Monday, July 18, 2016

Adventures in Music

“Music can be something that unites us, that appeals to our shared humanity, rather than something that divides”, notes Chester, England’s Toby Goodwin, self-declared “music geek” behind the “musicgigsnthings” blog - delivering a 21-song Soundcloud playlist that brings together electro-pop, indie rock, jazz, folk, alt-rock, funky, grunge-tinged sounds and more – for this week’s edition of “Adventures in Music”:
Included in this set is “a singer with roots in Canada’s extremities, Corner Brook in Newfoundland and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Allison Crowe and Band. ‘Silence’ has folk and country influences running through it but given her unique spin. Her voice quivers with emotion throughout and the melancholic strings only add to the poignancy of the song, which sends shivers down your spine” –

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