Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Release (27.07.2001)

15 years ago to this hour, Allison Crowe, one of our truly great musical artists and live performers, in any genre, performed her first international concert with her own band. Allison’s rock-jazz+ trio comprised herself on vocals and keyboard (this was pre-guitar, fiddle and bodhran shows), Dave Baird on bass and Kevin Clevette on drums.
Allison’s combo launched the opening night of the WorldWide Jammer Convergence (WWJC) in Seattle, Washington – an event which brought together Pearl Jam fans from all across the USA and world. After a full set of her band repertoire, and a couple of encores – Allison came back to perform solo this Pearl Jam song, “Release”:

Release (Jammer Convergence - Seattle live) from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.
In 2001, cameras and portable devices were not the feature they are at concerts today, and we’re so fortunate that Jammer Pam Abramowicz Wolfers captured this musical moment in time. WWJC organizer and event MC Sandi Heinrich takes the mic for a final note to this historic night of rock and roll.

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