Sunday, August 07, 2016

Lisa Marie Remembered - Today in The Toronto Star

Lisa Marie Young is remembered today by her Mother Joanne Young and friend, Dallas Hulley, in The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper: 

Allison Crowe wrote “Lisa’s Song” in 2002 for Lisa and her family.

National and international focus can hopefully help people come forward to say who’s involved and what happened after the “Jag guy” Chris Adair took Lisa from the house-party where she’d been celebrating with friends – now 14 years ago.

Those who know the truth and fear reprisals, anyone wary of communicating within Nanaimo and environs can know there are options now to get the truth out – where it can matter. The Toronto Star’s reporter on the story, Verity Stevenson, the investigative team in Australia and other countries behind the true crime podcast ‘Casefile’, and the commissioners and staff, in Ottawa and beyond, conducting the just-launched Canadian federal government inquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women – all present new channels to confidentially share information. Others are ready to listen now as well when people reach out to tell more of Lisa's story.

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