Monday, January 16, 2017

Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

We need always strive for peace and love in our lives and justice in society as we’re reminded on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Here’s the piano version of “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)".

Allison Crowe performs the Patty Griffin song live-in-the-studio of Newfoundland’s “Out of the Fog”. Thanks to musician, photographer, activist+ Bob Benvenuti for introducing Allison to this music.

Celebrating this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Allison Crowe’s guitar version of Patty Griffin’s MLK song – tribute to the great civil rights activist and Baptist minister – “Up to the Mountain

Visuals come from “Faces: Broadway” part of the “Faces: Newfoundland" installation created by Philip N. Robbins and Jillian Parsons (known then for their work with Stockpile or Larger Than a Cat).

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