Monday, January 02, 2017



Fireworks all across the bay.

For Shannon

Words & Music by Allison Crowe

Ice blue
Beautiful silence
The first snow falls
And whispers peacefully

Floating and reeling
you land in a snowflake
On everybody’s jackets
Keeping them company

Set about the air
And find without formation
No lines, no barricades
Just abstract light

A different shape
For every eye that sees
A comfort, a brush
through all of our eyes

lively and dancing
through the air
in the Winter's night

on the winds

falling and landing
landing and fixing
leaving an imprint
on all you have seen

and in this ice blue silence
this beautiful memory,
do not guard jealously
no time to despair

no pain in this cold
Just good, just kindness
A blanket of memory
Soft in the night

So smile and watch
As the snow falls around us
Landing on us all
Leaving peace to remember

Never one shade,
Never one shape
Always in motion
And beauty inspired

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