Saturday, October 08, 2016

"Why Music? Why Breathing?" The Celtic Music Fan Reviews Allison Crowe and Band's Debut

“I have not heard of anyone who sings with the vulnerability or childhood innocence and the piercing intensity of Edith Piaf the way she does, well at least not in this lifetime,” says writer/editor Baxter Labatos, founder of “The Celtic Music Fan”, in a review of Allison Crowe and Band’s debut. “It is quite amazing how she can do so many things with her voice. She’s a woman with a guitar who belts out like Aretha Franklin, a bodhran player with soul in her heart and, yes, a pianist with the grace of a classical performer.”

Of “Introducing / Heirs+Grievances”, the double-disc now coming to North American audiences in concert, the percipient international blogger sums up: “The powerful voice and instrumental prowess will delight fans and new converts of Allison Crowe’s artistic genius.”

Enjoy the full review – and the music @ 

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