Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

In My Life” - those with us, those absent or departed. Sharing love, joy, and peace:

Allison Crowe takes us on a magical musical tour with The Beatles and more on “Tidings”:

Salt Water Music’ has crested the air-waves on CFRC 101.9 FM sailing out of Kingston, Ontario since May 2007. Rob Carnell, the show’s captain and DJ embarks on Fridays, 6 – 8pm EST with a vessel full of the finest music from Canada’s East Coast.

Sharing barrels of fun and life’s true tales, today’s Christmas episode carries sounds of Dawn Chubai, Ian Sherwood, Coco Love Alcorn, Stephanie Beaumont’s Sea and Be Scene, Sleepy Driver (we’ve all been there post-meal!), and, says the good ship’s manifest, a full cargo of tunes from Allison Crowe’s “Souling” album – which serves up a cappella such traditional favourites as “The Wexford Carol” (from the full menu @ ) - and, for dessert, a treat from Crowe’s “Tidings Concert

This evening, park your sleigh, join Santa, the reindeer and us all for a joyous ride with Rob Carnell on Canada’s “Salt Water Music”. Climb aboard from anywhere in the world - listen online @ from 6 to 8pm EST tonight (check your local clock and compass for coordinates).

"Silent Night" - Allison Crowe from "Tidings".

he jolly elves at “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered” are well into the spirit of the season. And they have on their juke-box music from a certain bi-coastal Canuck, as the blog notes: “Allison Crowe’s resonant, rich, gorgeous voice seems as much a manifestation of Christmas as an instrument for singing holiday songs.” We join now Santa’s helper at the blog, Allan Showalter, and sing in Christmas!

ho, ho, ho... and mistletoe

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