Saturday, May 19, 2018

Lisa's Song Completes Suite


Lisa’s Song” completes the song suite from Allison Crowe and Band – continuing Act 2 of “Welcome to Us”. 
Lisa's Song – Allison Crowe and Band W2U2 from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.

Visual accompaniment is from the cinema masterpiece “Ménilmontant”. (The full suite – I Might / Back to Black / Shifts of Light / Tones in Transition / I Am the Air / Lisa's Song – is @ )

Musicians Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran), Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Dave Baird (bass, vocals) & Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica, vocals) banded together on the lovely isle of Newfoundland for sessions and shows.

For a flock of creators who live, literally, all over the map it’s a rare chance to slow the world a bit. “We had time to experiment, and think more about the larger picture musically,” says bassist & birder Dave. “It’s only the beginning. It’s just the first we’ve had opportunity to work the music out without much time restraint. It was fun, relaxed, and productive.”

Melding into one sound and performance experience the rawest of folk roots and the richest of arena rock – that barely begins to describe the originality and freshness of the quintet’s music and personality.

Debuting at Corner Brook, NL’s Rotary Arts Centre, RAC Theatre Co-ordinator Brad Randell observes, “The performance was absolutely magical.”

Rolling across the rock, captured fresh at the LSPU (Longshoremen's Protective Union) Hall in St. John's, NL, Canada – it’s music that’s food for the soul and fun for all.

Fortune’s present audio-wise, and Allison’s SD (memory) card is filled with tracks to be mined and enjoyed. Sláinte!

"Welcome to Us 1", the concert’s first act, presents the brilliant bi-coastal band's more guitar-and-fiddle-centric tunes – live:

"Welcome to Us 2", the concert’s second act, features the group's more piano-centric tunes – and encore – live:

"Welcome to Us Banter Bits" includes any chat, laughter, applause not found on the "Welcome to Us" albums on iTunes et al. A free download to complement the concert music:

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