Thursday, November 16, 2017

Allison Crowe and Band find clothier

’twas another favourite band from a northern town that lyricized love – and fun – cannae be bought with money.

Musing on such fab notions, this birthday of Allison Crowe, it must be noted, then, that Allison and bandmates Céline Sawchuk, Sarah White, Dave Baird & Keelan Purchase form a priceless combo.

Witness some of their concerted hijinks – giving rise to the group term known as “a reel of Keelans” (akin to a flock of seagulls, a pod of dolphins etc.) – and contributing to Allison’s recent post-tour declaration:

I'm exhausted - but it's the good kind of exhausted. Not the kind that's like "I'm never doing that again. Ever." , but rather the kind that comes from working like crazy on something you felt you were maybe supposed to do, but was really a giant leap in to a pit of OH DEAR GOD THIS IS CRAZY of sorts, with a group of people that rocked their butts off with enthusiasm and love the whole damn time. Not without fear. The kind of fight or flight that it turns out is exhilarating rather than debilitating. When you get off the ride at the fair and scream "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" until you're hoarse and your body can't take it anymore. So - Celine - thank you for your passion and music and images and designs and being my gym and knitting buddy, Dave - thank you for your precision and timing and hilariousness and birding and commitment - Sarah thank you for your mando and music and level-headedness and perspective with humour, and Keelan - for jumping in this crazy clown car with us and bringing your instruments and jokes and huge dramatic presence and subtlety and also thank you for your clothes. I love you guys. LET'S DO IT AGAIN.

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