Saturday, July 01, 2017

Celebrating avec "Montreal"

Long story short - this is a beautiful cover of my song ‘Montreal’ by a wonderful student and singer in Dorval (musicians of L'école Dorval-Jean XXIII).

Short story long (and rambling): So writing songs (for me, anyways) can be a weird thing - and can feel like no one will ever hear you, or care, or connect with how deeply you feel what you're saying - but then you kind of have to accept that maybe that doesn't matter, and it is in that instant only about what the creation for you means right then - and maybe that's all it'll ever be, it's absolutely possible no one will care, and so you just do it anyway, because it's what you do.

Maybe after you write it, it doesn't matter what it means to you, it isn't about yourself at all, it's about what someone else can take away from it, heal, commiserate, rage, sing or laugh along - and you put every emotion you have in to whatever you're saying in one moment - but then that time passes, A LOT OF TIME PASSES VERY QUICKLY, and everything takes on different meanings. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it makes you cry.

Students in Dorval are celebrating 375 years of Montreal, and this is a young woman singing a verse and chorus of my song ‘Montreal’, and I can honestly say that a) i never saw that coming b) i don't actually know what to say so i am saying too much and c) I'm crying.

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