Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Silence - Day 18 on Musical Advent Calendar

Today, Day 18 on the Musical Advent Calendar, brings “Silence” – in two forms. Allison Crowe’s brilliance as composer and performer is wondrously evident in each recording – captured a decade apart – and both created in the same, real-time, as the experience of listening.

Firstly, here’s Allison solo, singing and playing in a friend’s log-home on Salt Spring Island, Canada. This 2006 recording was released just last year on her “Sylvan Hour” album – described by pioneering culture blog Muruch as “truly a masterpiece” (

Second version of “Silence', open Day 18 on the Musical Advent Calendar, is this recording, live-off-the-floor – found on Allison Crowe and Band’s 2016 debut, “Heirs+Grievances” ( – an album that’s marvellously enjoyable testament to Crowe’s “absolute personal commitment" to song (Some Diurnal Aural Awe) and “artistic genius” (The Celtic Music Fan):

Each day through Christmas delivers a new song – and today, a pair of recordings - opening on Allison Crowe’s Musical Advent Calendar @

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