Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Running for Home

The great parade of life has its midway, sideshows and more represented in art.
Under music’s big top, Canadian musician Matthew Good, with co-writer Dave Genn, exposes the carney heart in “Running for Home” (originally released on the Matt Good Band’s 1999 album "Beautiful Midnight".

Running for Home from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.

Allison Crowe’s solo performance of this song is soundtrack here to “Circus”, sixth of seven dream sequences comprising “Dreams That Money Can Buy” - Hans Richter’s 1947 surrealist film. This dream includes appearances by several of Alexander Calder’s wire+ creations.
Calder (1898- 1976), the American sculptor who originated the ‘mobile’ (kinetic sculpture), created stationary sculptures, as well, known as ‘stabiles’. Fascinated with the circus from childhood, his ‘Cirque Calder’ of miniatures was made from wire, string, cloth, rubber and various found objects, and filled five suitcases. This sculpted troupe traveled for improvised performances in North America and Europe in the 1920s – 1930s.

#14 of 16 Songs
Allison Crowe - 16 Songs Video Album - 14 - Running for Home


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