Sunday, January 10, 2010

These Words

"These Words", this song from Allison Crowe, debuted on the 300th episode of Accident Hash - part of the fifth anniversary celebrations for the much-loved music podcast of Boston's new media maven C.C. Chapman.

To mark the occasion, Ewan Spence, Edinburgh-based blogger, podcaster of comedy, music (including the TPN Rock podcast) and more, rallied the online community of CC's family, friends and fans, known as "Homefries", and brought together content for a special show today (January 10, 2010).

"These Words" is among a collection of songs that Allison has gathered together for release this New Year. This single track will be followed by the release of her seventh album/CD, "Spiral", in early 2010.

The image accompanying the music in this video is a detail from Gaston Bussiere's painting - Joan of Arc - Jeanne d'Arc.

Here's a view of the full painting:

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