Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween ~ Skeletons and Spirits

(For friends not on facebook - here's a Halloween post. For everyone who's already part of Allison's Artist and.or Group pages on facebook, yes, it's what these days is called an encore presentation.Wishing all a spooktacular weekend!)

A song in the key of Hallowe'en, a favourite holiday for musician Allison Crowe. Playing piano since age five and singing, almost as long, Crowe, inspired by Ani DiFranco and Loreena McKennitt, materialized her own record label in 2003. She's now brewing her seventh album/CD, "Spiral".

You could say Crowe is very ghoul-oriented.

Skeletons and Spirits video

"Allison Chains" (voice, piano) is linked to this track for eternity, with Dave "The Damned" Baird (bass), and Laurent "The Butcher" Boucher (percussion). This version is heard on "This Little Bird", a CD for which Billie "The Wicca" Woods shot the cover. (Woods' many portraits are fit to be hung in gallowries worldwide.)

Keeping an eye on all things newt, let us toast those musicians from the Netherlands to America, 'cross Canada, en France and beyond - who've covered this song, including: Dhenzy, Victoria Venom, Lucresa, the friend of "dudelookslikealady2", Natouchka38, Briauna Marijuana, Fait Dormi, and Eilish (estarhart).

From the brain of Logan Anschell comes just the right interjection - for those about to enjoy this musical treat. It's the same thing, he whispers, a skeleton says to a vampire at dinner time:

"Bone app├ętit!"

May this raise your spirits ( :



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