Friday, July 01, 2016

Allison Crowe and Band's Debut Cresting Canada

Enjoying this glorious day, dialing in to ‘The Big Groove Radio Show’ signal from British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast – Host Brad Mennie’s all-Canadian playlist for July 1st cues up: “From Nanaimo, BC native, now based all the way on the other side of the country - the other side in Corner Brook, Newfoundland - Allison Crowe. Yes! Great to have her back in the mix with a first listen from her new album ‘Heirs + Grievances’. With just some gorgeous sounds and vocals here exploring in all different directions. But because it’s Canada Day I thought the roots of Foggy Shores of Home just seemed to fit perfectly. All those other sounds will be definitely explored in future editions of the show.

With Allison and Band now home in Canada following a sensational concert tour of Europe, the sounds Mennie’s sharing today are being added to music libraries of radio stations across this vast land – including: CFRC (Kingston, ON), CHRW (London, ON), CHMR (St. John’s, NL), CHLY (Nanaimo, BC) and our nation’s public broadcaster, the CBC. (There’s plenty more word to come from H+G’s new music cresting the airwaves.)

The double-album is now released in Canada – and will soon be in stores on the mainland. Right now, “Introducing / Heirs + Grievances” is available to islanders - on the Pacific coast @: Fascinating Rhythm (51 Commercial 250-716-9997), in Nanaimo; Lyle’s Place (770 Yates 250-382-8422) in Victoria; & SaltspringSound CA (131 McPhillips 250-537-00650), SSI, British Columbia. On Canada's Atlantic shore, the band’s debut is found @: MALA (74 Broadway 709-634-4004) in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The CD collection includes the studio session, “Heirs + Grievances”, and a live set, “Introducing”. It can be ordered by mail for world delivery, and, digitally, the studio recordings are @:

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