Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Water Witch

From Corner Brooker Allison Crowe's upcoming album, "Newfoundland Vinyl II", comes this stirring song of a shipwreck and brave rescue efforts that occurred on November 29, 1875.

The Water Witch, a Brigus Schooner, was heading for its home port of Cupids, Newfoundland, (the birthplace of English Canada), when it ran aground near Pouch Cove, NL in a blinding snow-storm.

The historical facts, (which flow loosely in the song on certain points), can be found online thanks to a number of resources, including:

The Pouch Cove Heritage Committee site @

The Disaster Song Tradition” webpage @

And, with more musical history, the ever-deep riches of Gery Deugaw’s “GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador” -

“View of Pouch Cove” ca. 1900, the photograph accompanying this music, is by Robert E. Holloway and preserved by Library and Archives Canada.

There's plenty more word - and all the music - to flow in early December 2014 - once we're back from some concert fun!

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