Sunday, June 22, 2014

Running for Home “flake” – Allison Crowe – Hot Jazz Club Muenster

Another artifact of Allison Crowe’s latest concert tour – and another off-kilter bootleg.

A friend in London kindly gave me the first of Marianne Faithfull’s autobiographies – and I completed reading it on the flight from the UK to Canada.  In some stream of consciousness this video flows with the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics of which Faithfull is a Professor.

Running for Home” is a song penned by Canada’s Matthew Good and Dave Genn. Allison Crowe’s notably performed it since 1999 – in band and solo shows. She’s included it in her live repertoire this Spring and in the trove of concert videos from Freiburg there’s upcoming a full performance.

Here, now, from the pulsing joint that’s Hot Jazz Club Muenster is a CCTV feed that’s viewed by an overflow crowd. NB when the camera shifts to looking at the guitar-stand and unoccupied stage area, that’s about half of legendary Road/Tour Manager Axel Dollheiser – sitting at the ready to help Allison switch from piano to guitar songs.

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