Friday, September 06, 2013

East Coast Kitchen Party Spins Newfoundland Vinyl

East Coast Kitchen Party serves up a stack of Atlantic Canada’s Arts, Entertainment and lifestyle news. At plate now is the site’s review of “Newfoundland Vinyl”, the new hale and hearty song collection from Allison Crowe – an LP that finds its name and inspiration in TNL’s hit musical show that’s delighted audiences these past two Summers at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival.

“It seems simple, but it really is a classic treatment of the classic songs that are performed by Crowe. She has renewed with stylish vigor traditional songs that deserve new life and interpretations,” says ECKP. “This record was made for sitting back in the big chair while relishing a favourite drink. Maybe Screech. It will probably bring a tear to the eye of a few. It’s that good.”

East Coast Kitchen Party - review of Allison Crowe's Newfoundland Vinyl LP

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