Sunday, December 09, 2012

"The Pardon" movie trailer

Allison Crowe’s “Tidings” recording of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is soundtrack to a movie trailer – just released for “The Pardon” – a motion picture to be released in 2013:

Alternating currents of the flesh and the spirit witnessed in the trailer are channeled by Hollywood veteran Blair Daily – whose editing and post-production supervision credits include work on several Barry Levinson films eg. “Good Morning Vietnam”, “Rain Man”, “Bugsy”, “Avalon”, “Wag the Dog” and “Man of the Year”. Daily also worked on “Quiz Show” with Robert Redford and “Adventures in Baby Sitting” with Chris Columbus.

The Pardon” is directed by Tom Anton, produced by Tom Anton, Sandi Russell, Jacqueline George and Blair Daily. The film stars Jaime King (“Sin City”, “Hart of Dixie”), Academy Award nominee John Hawkes (“Winter’s Bone”, “Lincoln”), Jason Lewis, M.C. Gainey, T.J. Thyne, Tim Guinee, Leigh Whannell and John Valdetero.

Toni Jo Henry (Jaime King), partnered with Finnon ‘Arkie’ Burks (John Hawkes) in an ill-conceived plan to rob a bank, is arrested and accused of brutally murdering Joseph P. Calloway (John Valdetero), a traveling salesman, on Valentine’s Day 1940. In a system stacked against her, Toni Jo fights for her life with the help of two inexperienced tax attorneys and visits from Father Wayne Richard (T.J. Thyne). The sensational details of the crime and her remarkable beauty combine to deliver Toni Jo into unparalleled notoriety. A powerful story of love and despair, hope and redemption, “The Pardon” is based on an actual murder case tried in the State of Louisiana.

Creators of “The Pardon” have just launched the movie website @ - there’s plenty more, indeed, coming soon!

NB Turns out - we got a "sneak preview" - the film-makers are still building their website, and the trailer is due for release soon, just not as soon as we caught it!

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