Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hail to the Haggis! - two videos to celebrate!!

On my two most recent visits to the village super-market, I noticed there was a pile of haggis in the meat cooler. This seemed unusual, but, considering how much touring Allison does, I am pretty accustomed to hearing multiple languages, and facing music, food and drink of any number of countries.

Still, I wondered, how and when did haggis become so popular here - on my little island in the Canadian Pacific Ocean?

Returning home, without any "meaty pudding" in my grocery bags, I tune into the CBC Radio program, "In the Key of Charles", and the show's marvellous host, Gregory Charles is devoting the entire two hours this Sunday night to Robbie Burns' poetry and song.

Och, aye!!

Happy Robbie Burns Day!!

Haggis, it's speculated, has its origins in the Scottish Highlands - as a ration for the drovers journeying down through the glens.

Allison has roots in that bonnie land, and, more recently, enjoys a mutual love with Scotland. It's fitting, then, I've made a couple of videos, while drinking Highland Park single malt, a scotch introduced to me by Allison and Billie Woods, who picked up a bottle in Kirkwall, when they adventured in the Orkney Islands last Fall.

Me and Bobby McGee - 't'is a fine start, especially as the vid contains images of the Scottish Highlands - alongside scenes from Germany:

And, here's Wedding Song:

Billie Woods took all the pics - on tour with Allison across Europe in 2008. Allison performs all the music. Larry Anschell recorded "Me and Bobby McGee" live, in Victoria, B.C., Canada. "Wedding Song", Allison recorded - from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, Canada.

So, raise a glass, of whatever you choose.

Sláinte mhaith!!

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