Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hold Back - Allison Crowe

Hold Back - Allison Crowe
Video sent by rimbaud22ca

From Allison Crowe's newest album, "Little Light", comes this song - "Hold Back".

"I would chew my arm off to sing like Allison," says West Virginia, Mountain Stage-loving music blogger Muruch. "Though I guess that would make it difficult to shred a piano like she does, which seems to be half the fun" - referencing, respectively, "Hold Back" ~ and "the
fervent, mesmeric, piano-hammering extended version of 'Disease' " ~ both songs on Crowe's newest CD.

"She is reminiscent of some of the great women vocalists who shaped rock music in the late '60s and early '70s. Allison's emotional delivery is unique in today's music," is how music industry veteran, and manager to Bif Naked, Peter Karroll's earlier framed it.

Images accompanying this vid are almost all shot by Canadian photographer and musician Billie Woods.

The image of Allison onstage in New York City (at the piano on darkened stage) is by Ben Strothmann.

Pics of Allison as a child are courtesy the Crowe family photo album.

"Ever wonder what it would have been like to listen to a gifted singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan in a small, intimate hall before she became Joni Mitchell? Don't fret. There's no need to turn back the clock. Check out Allison Crowe." ~ Robert Reid, The Record (Canada)


Blogger musicobsessive said...

Hi Adrian - welcome back!

I love this song and the video with its old family snapshots (so cute). It seems Allison is beginning to broaden her style and really develop her potential - something not all artists really achieve. You have to look to likes of Joni Mitchell here to see how a career can really develop over a lifetime. Let's hope we are witnessing a similar trajectory - it'll be fun to see what happens next!

2:49 AM  
Blogger Adrian said...

Hi Martin ~

Fun indeed - and exciting!

And quite right on the creative arc. In recent decades, the record industry has removed that element from things. Broadly, there's not art and there's not artistic growth much in evidence.

When Joni entered the industry, it was not that way. In this age when the "biz" has denatured the music, and, the recording acts themselves lack integrity - a musician such as Allison is a rare flower in the garden, to be sure.

And, she's free to grow and bloom according to her muse.

She's truly awesome - and live, the greatest show on earth in her sphere.

I'm just waking up from all the efforts to put together her current tour swing in Europe. UK plotting is still ahead!

3:18 PM  

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